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Getting ahead of the crisis curve

 Creating more successful and resilient organisations for the future


A discussion with Mark Palmer, CEO, Gobeyond Partners and Helen Murray, Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Webhelp UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an alarming and immediate impact on business of all shapes and sizes. Whether transitioning teams to long-term remote solutions, managing rapid changes in customer demand or simply maintaining service, we have seen a distinct phasing of response as we move towards our 'new normal'.

Drawing on their experiences supporting global client operations and customer management; Mark Palmer, CEO at Gobeyond Partners and Helen Murray, Chief Customer Solutions Officer at Webhelp UK, discuss some of the possible futures and challenges that lie ahead, and what we all need to consider now in order to build successful and resilient organisations for the future.


Our collective journey - The phasing of business response as we collectively navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

An uneven impact - What made some businesses more resilient to the initial shockwaves, while others struggled?

How different will the ‘new normal’ really be - What changes are emerging and what will this enable?

How can we start preparing for uncertain futures  - Where should our focus lie to create more resilient, successful businesses for the future?

Mark Palmer - CEO, Gobeyond Partners

Mark started his career in France working for the automotive systems supplier Valeo. Since then, he has worked with many well-known organisations to translate world-class operations thinking into the service industry, including a year at Lloyds TSB as Head of Operations Excellence.

He was appointed MD at OEE Consulting in 2008, quadrupling the business in size before merging with gobeyond in 2018 to create Gobeyond Partners. As CEO of this global consulting and services business Mark is responsible for a team of over 300 people, helping clients solve their most complex operational challenges around customer experience, cost reduction, and sustainable growth.

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Helen Murray - Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Webhelp UK

Helen is passionate about supporting clients to intelligently listen to customers and deliver the solutions that they need first time. Her extensive experience leading in-house and client-side customer service operations has proven that listening to customers is the key to success.

Before joining Webhelp UK in 2012, Helen worked with Verint for five years as Director of Consulting. Prior to Verint, Helen was Director BT customer service and Director of outsourced contact centres at BT Global Services.