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Digital and data can be powerful enablers, but only a customer journey lens can ensure Shared Services take their place as high-value strategic assets

Enhancing digital capabilities, introducing disruptive technologies and leveraging data are all well-known and well-documented enablers for Shared Service providers.

As we’ve previously explored, these capabilities can be leveraged with wide-reaching impact as providers become natural digital incubators and key strategic value drivers.

While such tools and technologies are strong enablers in their own right, they fail to answer fundamental questions such as:

How can we explore the best use of our capabilities to deliver maximum value?

Where does technology work best and where can the ‘human touch’ provide enhanced experiences?

What do our internal stakeholders really expect and how can we exceed these expectations?

How can we be cost effective  whilst providing additional value outside of core service delivery?


It’s time to focus on the customer journey

For Shared Services, process reengineering, automation, AI etc. should all be assessed through one lens; our internal stakeholders – the customer. Do we truly understand their broader objectives, priorities and how other factors can influence their behavior?

Only then, can we design and deliver services that utilise an intelligent blend of digital and human interaction, in a manner that’s designed from their perspective, feeling seamless and frictionless  throughout.

As an example, exploring HR innovation through the lens of “I’m trying to hire someone” versus the recruitment process will transform how you approach digital and data initiatives within this environment.

This can be a daunting prospect, but for Shared Services to truly become the strategic partners they strive to be, the customer must be the lens through which everything is viewed.

Delivering strategic value through a customer lens

To find out how you can assess and design your Shared Services journeys, including unique frameworks please join our upcoming webinar ‘Shared Services – delivering strategic value through a customer lens’

Shared Services - delivering strategic value through a customer lens






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