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In our recent webinar held in partnership with Netcall, we asked Dave Pattman, MD of Solution Development at Gobeyond Partners and Richard Farrell, Chief Innovation Officer at Netcall what delivering human centred automation really means in practice?

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Dave, reflecting on his experience at Gobeyond Partners in designing, leading and supporting clients has experienced that the common cause of unmet potential or stalled progress are often human rather than technological in nature.

Advocating a human centred approach, this refers to a design that takes a wider perspective, accounting for the experience of customers and colleagues. If automation is detrimental to the customer experience e.g removing access to support for those customers that really value or need it, impacting colleague performance or creating uncertainty and resistance; then no matter how strong the technology may be, projects are often doomed to failure.

Taking a human centred approach often increases the likelihood of success and accelerates the delivery of the critical return on the project investment.

Richard, sharing his perspective also recognised successful projects are often people centric. As many customer journeys involve human interaction or input in some shape or form, involving them in the solution design is critical. With frontline employees interacting with customers on a regular basis, they are often best placed to expose broken processes, points of unnecessary friction and repetition.

Aside from enabling faster and more effective solution design, enabling and empowering employees with both the tools and scope to improve their own environments drives greater employee and customer experience, with wider productivity gains also common.  

As skill sets change in the workforce, we now have an increasing population of individuals who have grown up with smartphones and tablets, see responsive design and slick user interfaces as a minimum requirement; so leveraging these fresh capabilities and democratising automation technology can rapdily widen the scope of development and it's impact. We've reached a point now where a computer science degree or heavy background in coding is no longer required to become a 'citizen developer' moving at pace to deliver solutions for customers within a well-managed and supported technology framework.

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